"What if I'm not a Christian?"

Regardless of your beliefs or faith, we have always and will always be committed to excellent financial advice and genuine care for our clients.

It is our faith that has always motivated us to do that.

Our faith also forms the foundation of our financial advice with biblical principles such as encouraging generosity and avoiding the use of debt. We are equally committed to providing our services to anyone who can benefit from them.

We live in a world that is increasingly tribal and filled with a sense of us vs. them.

We have no interest in fanning those flames. We want you to know upfront clearly what makes us unique so you as a prospective client can make a well-informed decision.

If while navigating our website you find yourself doubting whether or not Peak Financial can work with you, we promise we can. We treasure the relationships we have with each of our clients, and we take pride in serving a diverse client base.

If you want financial planning that is guided by timeless wisdom, Peak Financial is your partner in navigating the complexities of finance with wisdom and in ways that will lead to the flourishing of you and your loved ones. We promise to do this with excellence and genuine care for you.


Nick Wolverton

Financial Planner, CFP® CKA®

The Peak Financial Promise

Choosing a financial planner is a deeply personal decision. With the Peak Financial Promise, we're committed to earning your trust and aligning your financial planning with your faith. We serve as your trustworthy guide for biblically-based investments and financial planning.
If we aren’t the right fit for you and your needs, we recommend someone else who is.
You are never pressured to make a decision.
We make it clear how we are compensated.
We listen carefully to your needs.
We get back to you in 24hrs
We’ll ask you the hard questions.
We will challenge you to give joyfully.